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Land O' Lakes Florida
33558, 34637, 34638, 34639

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Land O'Lakes Florida is constantly growing. There are a lot of great neighborhoods to choose from if you are moving to the area. There is also a lot of new construction homes in HOA neighborhoods, and newer already lived homes on the market. If you are selling your home, we highly recommend having the carpet cleaned before putting it on the market. If you own pets, we will do a UV Light Inspection and threat and urine accidents we find with a pet urine and odor remover. 


Having the carpet in your home cleaned prior to placing your home on the market  gives the buyers confidence needed to purchase a home with carpet that has been lived on. This helps to avoid them from asking for new carpet allowance at the settlement table. It also gives the home a better appearance when the photos are taken for the listing. The home will smell better when people are doing a walk through.  Carpet is one of the highest priced items in a home to replace and potential buyers are aware of the rising costs of having to potentially replace the carpet when purchasing a home. Carpet cleaning can eliminate any doubt they have if your carpet has high traffic lines, pet odor, or spots from normal wear and tear. If you are purchasing a home we suggest asking seller to have carpet cleaned or have it cleaned yourself prior to moving in. Allow at least 24 hours dry time before placing furniture on it. Even when purchasing a new construction home we recommend having the carpet cleaned as you would be shocked at the amount of dirt and dust carpet accumulates from the time it is manufactured until it is installed in a home. New construction homes also typically have construction dust in the air that settles in the carpet that


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