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Pet Urine and Pet Odor Removal

Pet Urine Removal is not something we suggest you try and do on your own. Many times homeowner over wet the spot causing it to seep into the padding making the situations much worse then it was.

Rental machines or machines you can purchase do not have the powerful suction to extract from deep within the carpet fibers or the heat needed to kill the bacteria.

Maybe you've had professional carpet cleaning done in the past and the cleaner failed to remove all of the stain or odor. If pet urine is present in your carpet it is important to address properly or damage to your carpet, pad and flooring can occur.

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Many pet owners do not know how much urine is actually hiding in their carpet. Upon arrival to your home we will do a UV light inspection of all carpeted areas or furniture to be cleaned.

Our UV light will luminate any areas where your pet has gone, we will then be able to determine a cleaning plan that is best for your home. If there are multiple spots in high traffic areas there is a good chance it has been walked on and then tracked to other areas of the carpet, in this situation it is best to treat all areas being cleaned.

Sometimes a pet only targets one area of the carpet, or has only had one accident. In this case we can simply treat that spot. Our urine stain and odor remover kills odor causing molecules on contact. We use only the industry's top leading brand of urine stain and odor remover -because it works! .

The pet urine stain and odor remover is added to our pre spray and applied prior to cleaning. In situations where a pet has gone multiple times in one area the urine seeps below the carpet and into the padding. In this case we would need to flush the padding with our water claw. The water Claw is a tool specially designed to extract water, spills or urine out of both the carpet and pad from the surface. The water claw is designed to inject water and cleaning solution down into the padding and flushes below the carpet.  Without using proper equipment on urine or spills there is a good chance it may resurface while the carpet is drying. The water claw is extremely effective in preventing that from happening.

In extreme cases when urine has seeped into the floor or concrete below the padding and may have destroyed the tack boards. In this case carpet can sometimes be saved but the section of the padding that has been destroyed needs to be cut out, the floor cleaned, padding replaced, tack boards replaced and then carpet can be laid back in place and then cleaned. - No worries we have a guy for that!

After the cleaning is done we then deodorize the carpet with a deodorizer made for pet urine and pet odors Pet odor or a house that smells like a dog has that odor because dogs secrete an oil that protects their skin and fur allowing them to stay healthy. These natural oils usually have somewhat of a personal scent that is unique to your pet.

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