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Carpet Cleaning Pinellas County
Carpet Cleaning Pasco County

We use a Truck Mount System that provides Hot Water Extraction - also known as Steam Cleaning. This is the preferred method for Tile and Grout Carpet Cleaning.  Leading carpet manufacturers like Mohawk , Shaw and Beaulieu Bliss require this method to keep your manufacturer warranty valid .

Since all the solution tanks, cleaning products and waste tanks are mounted on the vehicle, there is no need for an exterior power or water source to carry out the cleaning operation. We have over 100 gallons of fresh water on board.

Truck mount extractors remove soil, chemicals and pollen from carpets easier and better then anything available to a homeowner. Suction is stronger to extract the water out of the carpet allowing it to dry in hours not days, here in Florida that is very important. The water gets heated to a higher temperature which helps release the dirt and grime from the surface being cleaned.

All the dirty water containing the soil is vacuumed into the waste tank mounted on the vehicle.

Counter Rotating Brush- benefit for Carpet and Tile and Grout

 The counter rotating brushes allow for a deeper clean than other traditional carpet cleaning methods. A CRB machine can remove pet hair, dirt, debris and all other particles that a regular vacuum wouldn’t be able to pick up. Prior to traditional carpet cleaning.The rotating brushes move counterclockwise together, trapping and absorbing the dirt that is deep in the carpet fibers. giving the carpet a good scrub prior to traditionally cleaning them. Best on high traffic lines and crushed matted carpet fibers. The counter Rotating brush has interchangeable brush heads one for lifting crushed carpet and one meant for scrubbing grout lines.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile Cleaning is done with the Truck Mount System and our powerful Turbo Hybrid. We begin  the tile cleaning process by spraying the tile with industrys leading cleaning solutions.  With a little dwell time it helps release the dirt and grim from the grout lines. If needed the grout lines are agitated with a tile and grout brush. The Turbo Hybrid is then used to blast soil, grease and dirt from tile, grout, smooth or rough surfaces. The Turbo Hybrid rotary arm spins to create amazing soil blasting power working from 500 - 2500 psi rinsing with water while the vacuum ports pick up all the waste. We are able to clean 500 - 1000 sq feet per hour. Eliminating the back breaking work of scrubbing grout line on your hands and knees. No homeowner is capable of achieving this type of cleaning on their own.

Suds Up UV Light Inspection
UV Light Inspection

This light allows us to see Urine or other biological fluids that have occurred on your carpet. What causes urine specifically to glow under a UV light is a chemical in the urine called Phosphorus.

suds up top of the line prespray
Pet Urine Treatment

Pet stains can be a huge challenge for professional cleaners.  Our urine treatment kills all odor-causing molecules on contact with it's winning combo of special high grade h2o2, penetrants and Ecocide Extreme. There is nothing as strong or effective on the market to kill odors and remove unsightly yellow pet stains.

Water Claw Padding flush
Water Claw -Padding Flush

The Water Claw Sub-Surface Spot Lifter literally flushes contaminants from carpet face fibers, backing and pad. Amazing results can be achieved on a variety of spotting problems. The Water Claw tool is designed to extract moisture out of both carpet and pad WITHOUT having to remove either one. With the two heavy-duty flushing ports, we can flush a contaminated area and extract at the same time. Instead of doing 2-step process of applying your cleaning solution and then extracting, we can do it all at the same time for better, more efficient results. 

Pasco County area rug cleaning
Pasco County Carpet Cleaner
Area Rug Cleaning

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Pasco county tile and grout cleaning
Pasco County upholstery cleaning
Pinelllas County grout cleaning
Pasco County Grout Sealing
Pinellas County Carpet Cleaning
Pasco County grout cleaning
Pasco Carpet cleaner truck mount
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Rotary Cleaning -The Rotovac

The Rotovac 360i is a Patented Rotary Jet Extractor that utilizes rotary vacuum heads to thoroughly deep clean carpet with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes. Best on berber, and crushed matted plush carpet fibers. carpet to give it a good scrub prior to traditional cleaning. Excellent tool for restoring the look of plush carpet.

Traditional Steam Carpet Cleaning

is a process where the carpet is first pre-conditioned using a chemical reagent. The chemical reagent is meant to liquefy oil based elements and dirt. The next step entails infusing very hot water of extremely high temperature into the carpet at high pressure. Once the pressurized water has loosened, all the dirt on the carpet dissolves into it. From there, you extract the water, together with the dirt from the carpet using a vacuum cleaner. This method leaves the carpet sparkling clean.

Pasco county deep cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning

Professional Steam Cleaning can greatly improve the appearance and extend the life of upholstered furniture and mattresses, they contains dead skin, dust mites and other soils.


We use a specially designed professional fabric pre-treatment. This treatment will help break down soiling. After the pre-treatment some gentle scrubbing with a brush may be needed to loosen dirt embedded in fibers. We then perform the hot water extraction cleaning, which removes soil,dirt spots,and cleaning agent using a pH- balancing rinse. Depending on the level of soiling type of fabric and humidity  you can expect your furniture or mattress dry in just a few hours. 

Pinellas County Carpet Cleaning
Mattress Cleaning
Your mattress traps dirt, sweat, dust mites and millions of dead skin cells, and that can lead to health problems, such as respiratory issues, increased or worsened asthma and allergy symptoms, insomnia and a depressed immune system. Professional mattress cleaning should be carried out once every 12 months. Hot steam is used to disinfect your mattress surface.
Pasco County mattress cleaning
Pinellas County upholstery cleaning
Pasco county odor removal
Thermal Fogging
Odor Fogging with a  Thermal Fogger technology is yet another tool that can be used to restore your home or business after a fire, or to remediate odors from indoor tobacco use, pets, mold, fireplaces, meth lab cleanup and more. Thermal fogging is a unique process that is able to remove lingering odors, while also reducing the potential health risks involved with occupying a space that has been contaminated with various odor-causing agents.
Pinellas County grout sealing
Pinellas County odor removal
Pinellas County carpet cleaner

To learn more about our carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and upholstery cleaning process and methods, call Suds Up Carpet Cleaning at 727-534-3332  We will be happy to answer important questions such as:

  • How long will it take for the carpet to dry?

  • Why should I have protector applied to my cleaned carpet?

  • Why should I have my grout lines sealed?

  • How to clean grout?

  • How to clean upholstery

  • Can my area rug be cleaned?

  • How often should carpet be cleaned?

  • How do you remove dog pee from the carpet?

Pasco County professional carpet cleaning
How to remove pet odor from carpet

If you are looking for carpet cleaning in

Pasco County - Hudson, Holiday, New Port Richey, Port Richey, Trinity, Bayonet Point, Aripeka, Elfers, Lutz, Jasmine Estates, Land O'Lakes, Odessa, Seven Springs, Wesley Chapel
Hernando County - Spring Hill, Weeki Wachee
Hillsborough County - Lutz,
Pinellas County - Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Largo, Dunedin,  Oldsmar, Saftey Harbor


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Pasco steam cleaning
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Pinellas Steam Cleaning


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